Pricing Information

Updated April 2021       

Each funeral we arrange and conduct is unique to the individual and their families.
Whilst the majority are bespoke in nature, some need to be different due to
personal wishes, faith or financial considerations. As an independent family business
we can recognise the individual needs and requirements of our clients, and offer our
guidance and support throughout this most difficult of times.

The cost of a funeral is significant and often unexpected. It is our aim to be as
transparent as possible with regard to our prices. We guarantee never to sell our
clients any product or service that is not necessary or required in the provision of
our services. All disbursements, the things we purchase on your behalf, are charged
at cost.

Whilst we do not profess to provide 'budget funerals', which rely on a high and rapid
turnover, we do endeavour to keep our charges and all related costs at a realistic
and affordable level.

In line with our aim to be transparent, we have created some fixed price options for
the provision of funeral services which can be purchased as a package or used to
assist you to determine the potential cost of a funeral.

Unfortunately, fixed price options cannot allow for products or services to be added,
additional administration costs would mean moving to our bespoke price list.
As a cautionary note: - we would advise that when comparing prices you
should ensure that all products and services are comparable and that you
will received the same professional care and guidance.

Jacksons Funeral Service Price Guide
Downloadable PDF