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Ceremony, burial and cremation prices from Jacksons Funeral Services incorporating Emmott & Bradley Funeral Services

Helping you understand the costs associated with our packages, for transparent, honest and always straightforward funeral solutions. Call our offices in Ilkley, Cross Hill or Silsden to find out more.

The details you need to make an informed decision

The cost of a funeral is significant and often unexpected. That’s why we aim to be as transparent as possible with regard to our ceremony, burial and cremation prices. We guarantee never to sell our clients any product or service that is not necessary or required in the provision of our services. All disbursements - the things we purchase on your behalf - are also charged at cost. Whilst we do not profess to provide 'budget funerals', which rely on a high and rapid turnover, we do endeavour to keep our charges and all related costs at a realistic and affordable level.


Each funeral we arrange and conduct is unique to the individual and their families. Whilst the majority are bespoke in nature, some need to be tailored due to personal wishes, faith or financial considerations, with some incorporating our funeral extras. As an independent family business, we recognise the individual needs and requirements of our clients and look to offer a helping hand to guide them through these important steps. Additionally, a full written estimate detailing the costs is always given, outlining the funeral director’s charges and details of the fees paid on behalf of the family. For further information, simply contact our teams today or visit your local branch in Silsden, Ilkley or Cross Hill.

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To discuss funeral costs in more detail, call or email Jacksons Funeral Services today. Our team will be more than willing to provide the information you need.

Contact us for costing

Email or call Jacksons Funeral Services using the details below to talk costs. 

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